Easy Ways to Form a Company in Hong Kong and China

The reasons are diverse as to why investors set up shop in the city.When it comes to Hong Kong offshore company registration; it actually provides opportunities that are tax-free and similar to other offshore locations.This is indeed a tax free haven that happened to be as well enjoyed by foreigners owning companies running no business operations on the Island.

It is cheaper to start and register a company in the cities since company registration in the cities is relatively loose.What this does is to make the cities the ideal locations for starting shell companies.The total cost for starting the company is quite cheap.

It is not safe to deal with offshore companies in this jurisdiction.They mostly lack any physical presence in the city. When any dispute is occasioned by the transactions ensuing, it is not possible to remedy them. Transacting from China poses no security concerns since you are considered as transacting from Hong Kong.

Some companies opt to have bank accounts in foreign banks. Opening company accounts from state run banks is an uphill task, necessitating doing this. Having an account in the state run banks is very safe. Launching a complaint will be easier.

It is advantageous to open a company in Hong Kong since it is in the presence of internationally famous banks. The banks have so many branches which is an added advantage. These big banks enjoy the trust of many business operators.

Exchange control is a thing that is alien to Hong Kong and China. After making the deposit, the banks do not charge any money in terms of withholding fee. It is not hard at all to deposit the money. Similar terms are enjoyed by withdrawing and transferring the funds. There are no fees or charges that the banks deduct.

There is a desirable zeal with which the information of the customers is guarded. Account information cannot be shared without a customer’s consent. The only exception is when the customer is being investigated for criminal activity.Such criminal activities include money laundering and other related crimes.

It is easy to get a Hong Kong offshore company. It is not required for you to go to the Island in person. You will enjoy low tax rate as well as a tax haven.It is also worth noting that your company will automatically benefit from a proper legal system. There is no need for foreigners who do not run businesses in the city to fear. Forming a company in Hong Kong and China is not hard.

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