Going To Church: Reasons Why You Should Even If Others Aren’t

For many people today, taking the time and effort in going to church is no longer as important as it was before and proof of that is the fact that church attendance has fallen significantly. This is something that’s not only true to baptist churches but to all other Christian denominations. While there are so many different reasons why people no longer go to church, have you ever wondered why it still is of great value to do the opposite?

Jesus didn’t miss out on weekly worship.

You should know that Jesus always made sure He spent most of his time at the place of worship. Amazingly, Jesus started committing Himself to the church as a youngster. This is unfortunately quite the opposite to how children today view church as many feel that they don’t need to go. Simply put, the fact that our Lord showed value on the importance of going to a place of worship means that we all must follow His lead.

The first Christians went to weekly worships, too.

The New Testament made mention that the first Christians were committed to gathering every first day of the week, which literally translates to spending Sunday as the day of the Lord. People assembled for a great reason, which was to study God’s Word. The first Christians realized that listening to the Word of God is something they ought to do because of all the blessings that have been bestowed upon them, but the sad thing is the new generation, at least some of them, no longer sees it that way.

God instructed all of us to go to weekly worship.

God’s declaration is another reason why you should go to church and that alone must instill the value of worship in you. Some things are meant to be obeyed and followed as they are part of God’s declaration and one of them is worship. It is everyone’s duty to go to church on a regular basis because it is what God has told us in the first place.

Going to church will do some great things for you.

Yes, it’s true that you might find some other things to be more important than going to church, but you also have to realize that there are still six other days to spare. Although it’s quite hard to accept, but there are people out there who does not believe there still is sense in going to church since they couldn’t find a reason to go. But deep within you, you have to dig deep and understand why churches were made in the first place. The Lord created the first day of the week for His people to spend for encouragement and spiritual edification. What this means is that by going to church, you are not doing it as a favor to God; you are doing it for your own good.

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